Run by the community for the community

We began as a response to the closure of the butchers and greengrocers on Ham Parade in 2017.  We wanted to bring fresh produce back to our local high street and we've done that. But we've become so much more. We provide an opportunity for friends and neighbours to meet, catch up, have fun and support fantastic local charities.

Farmer Cutting Cabbage
Apples in a Crate
Organic Carrots
Vegetable Garden
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You've raised over £7,500 and counting...

Ham Parade Market supports a different local charity each month, providing a free-of-charge stall to raise awareness or funds. We also run a raffle (covid-19 allowing!) at each market with the proceeds going to that month’s charity. Prizes are donated by the charity's supporters, stallholders and local businesses.

You can find a full list of our previous charities here.

If you would like your charity to be considered for a market stall, please contact info@hamparademarket.org

If you run a community group and want to raise awareness of your activities or sell items to raise money you can apply for our community stall space here.


The Ham Parade Market Committee is made up entirely of volunteers from our local area. If you’d like to contact any of us, please use the form here, and just address your message to the intended recipient.

Please note that although some of the volunteers behind Ham Parade Market may be local councillors or are active in different local political parties, the Ham Parade Market Committee are proudly non-party political.




Matt is a proud northerner, but moved to Kingston in 2012 with his wife, who grew up here.  Working with the other volunteers on the Committee to set up Ham Parade Market has been one of the most fun, most rewarding things he’s ever done.