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Environmental POLICY

We do our best to reduce the impact Ham Parade Market has on the local and global environment. Our environmental policy is evolving and we’re always keen to improve where we can, but right now these are our main areas of activity:



  • We encourage visitors to the Market to walk, cycle or take the bus. Ham Parade is within walking distance of a large number of homes and is well served by two bus routes: the 65 and the 371.

  • We have reorganised our storage facilities to eliminate the need for us to hire a van to transport the gazebos and other equipment we need on market days.



  • We have a detailed single-use plastic policy for all our stallholders, which encourages them to reduce the need for single use plastic and to use alternatives where this is not possible. We have researched those alternatives for them and many of our stalls now use paper and compostable plastics. It’s harder to cut out single-use plastic on some stalls than others – for example when selling fresh meat – but our stallholders are doing their bit.

  • We ask all our customers to avoid single use plastics where they can, for example by bringing reusable shopping bags and their own containers for certain foods.


Food miles

  • Our stallholders come from a range of locations, but most are based in the south east of England and many come from the boroughs of Richmond and Kingston.

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