Would you like to make new friends and help bring your local community together? 


If so, volunteering to help organise Ham Parade Market is for you.

The market runs on the first Saturday of every month (except January) and has proved incredibly popular. We have around 40 stalls selling everything from lip balm to fresh organic veg, pies to pictures and burgers to brownies. We also run kids’ activities and put on some great live music (weather permitting).

But all that amazingness takes a lot of organisation so we’re looking for a few extra hands and brains to help us out. You don’t need any previous experience. You do need to be positive, energetic and committed to helping your local community.

We have a two hour management meeting fuelled by strong coffee, wine, crisps and cake every two weeks and take on a few actions in the in-between. There’s also lots to do on the day of the market itself, followed by drinks at The Hand And Flower. It’s good fun and will give you a warm glow of wellbeing. 


If you’re interested then please email info@hamparademarket.org.

Ham Parade Market

Ham Parade, KT2 5PU

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