Music at Ham Parade market

October Set List

12:30-1pm “The Initiative”

1-1:30pm “Dreamheads”

1:30-2pm “KT6 choir”

Ham Parade Market is always on the lookout for local bands/choirs/singers to perform at the market each month. We have a great crowd and a fantastic community atmosphere!


All genres welcome! We are grateful to Kevin Westbury of The Basement Door for supplying an excellent PA system and mics.


Performers thus far have included the fantastic covers band 5 Day Weekend, acoustic/cajun foot-tappers Mad Stick Dog, a cornucopia of local choirs and a roster of young musicians from The Basement Door including Ham's very own Taylor Swift, Maisie Johnson.


If you're interested in performing, get in touch with Lulu via

Ham Parade Market

Ham Parade, KT2 5PU

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