Calling all local artisans and craftspeople! Are you a small-scale local artist or craftsperson who lives in the boroughs of Kingston or Richmond? Do you create lovely things that you would like to sell, but aren't yet able to commit to a full stall of your own? HAM MADE might be for you!

We at Ham Parade Market have launched HAM MADE to shine a light on the wonderful creative talent in our local area.


Almost as soon as we’d started running the market we realised that there is an abundance of untapped talent in our local area. We’ve been contacted by people who want to sell their crafts but lack the economies of scale to fund a whole stall, or who are looking for a way to test the market as the first step to launching a business.  We want to help you!

What we will do for you:
We will supply part of the HAM MADE stall to you free of charge, on which to sell your products. We cover the licence fee, gazebo, dressing and other logistics; we b
rand the HAM MADE stall and market it via our social media and newsletter. We also supply free gift wrapping! In return, we take 20% of all profits, to cover our costs. There are no costs whatsoever to you – if you sell something, you get some cash. If you don’t sell anything, you will definitely learn something for next time. You do need to be present for the duration of the market – this not only helps to sell your products, but gives you valuable market feedback and can lead to further commissions. If, after a few markets you are selling well, you are welcome to graduate to your own, fee-paying stall at the market. 

What you need to do:
Send in a blurb about yourself, some pictures of what you make, your email/phone/address, via the form here.  We will curate the offering to make sure we have a diverse range of products, at a consistent quality. If your stuff fits the bill, we’ll invite you to sell it at the next Ham Parade Market.

What sells well?

Gifts do well, as do items tied to our local area (eg local photography) and having items at a range of price points helps. So far we have done well with photography, pottery, jewellery and cards, for example. Unfortunately, knitting and sewing hasn't done well so far, but that's not to say yours won't!

If you have any questions, email us on info@hamparademarket.org.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Ham Parade Market

Ham Parade, KT2 5PU

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