saturday 3rd october

10:00 to 14:00


  • Barista Coffee and a full-on focaccia experience from Focaccia GoGo. Don't forget your cup (but if you do, they have biodegradable ones)

  • Pick's Organic Farm freshly cooked organic meat

  • Hand-crafted savoury muffins in all shapes and sizes from Saffin Stack

  • Happy Hill Kitchen's delicious Caribbean stews, wraps and more

meat, fish, VEG and dairy

  • Fourteen varieties of hand-crafted goats cheese from Nut Knowle Farm 

  • Traditional farmhouse cheddar and full fat butter from Batch Farm

  • Cheese and charcuterie from The French Comte

  • Seasonal home grown fruit, veg, herbs from T&V Gardens

  • Specialists in all things tomato (and chilli), The Tomato Stall

  • Artisan British charcutier Hilton Hams 

  • Venison, game, sausages and smoked fish from VJ Game




  • Olives and picky bits from Thee Olive Tree

  • The best pies in the world (fact) from Mud Pies 

  • Gourmet Sausage Rolls, Black Humus and more from Ralph Wettach

  • Lovely Pasta bringing you gorgeous home-made Italian favourites from lasagne to tiramisu

SKINCARE, CRAFTS & GIFTS and everything else  

  • WoodWoolWillow, locally sourced and locally produced craft items, all made guessed it wood, wool and willow.  


This month we're supporting the Mulberry Centre, whose core mission is to improve the lives of anyone affected by cancer, including those with a diagnosis, carers, family members and bereaved relatives.  Owing to the ongoing pandemic there will be no raffle but please visit their stall, learn about what they do and support them in any way you can.

MUSIC And kids' activities

Sadly no live music or kids activities.


Remember that our market is plastic bag free. Please bring your own bags or buy one of our reusable HAM BAGs on the day. Our vendors welcome reusable containers for items such as olives, cakes and brownies and will happily make you a brew for your reusable coffee cup too.   


Ham Parade KT2 5PU is easily accessible by foot, bike and bus – please don't drive unless you need to. 

Ham Parade Market

Ham Parade, KT2 5PU

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