Ham Parade Market Committee

The Ham Parade Market committee is made up of volunteers from our local area who are formally incorporated into The Ham & North Kingston (THANK)  Community Interest Company. If you’d like to contact any of us, please use the form here, and just address your message to the particular recipient.

Chair: Matt Georges
Treasurer: David Butcher
Accountant: Peter Wylie
Stalls: Alison Lam
Marketing: Emily Percival
PR: Andree Frieze
Charities: Lex Clark & Claudia Stehling
Live Music: Holly Morris
Children’s Activities: Cornelia Costeanu
Raffle: Lulu O’Hagen
Logistics: Alan Iles
Volunteers: David Butcher
Council Liaison: Cllr Jean Loveland

Note that although some of the organisers and volunteers behind Ham Parade Market may be local councillors or are active in different local political parties, THANK & the Ham Parade Market committee are proudly non-party political.